8 To Late Internet Cafe and Printing

8 To Late is an internet cafe and general printing company.


8 to Late is an internet cafe and general printing company in Polokwane.

At 8ToLate we strive to provide quality professional business design. We can help you create your business identity to make you stand out from the crowd. Get noticed with a Logo or broaden your networking capabilities by designing a business card. Here’s a list of all the designing services we offer:

Simple Logo Design

We can create a simple logo for your business, a logo you that separates you from all the other businesses in your field.

Corporate Logo Design

If you are really serious about your business identity, we offer a professional logo design package

Logo and Letterhead

Apart from creating a logo for your business, we also create a letterhead you can use with all your documentation.

Business Card + Logo

Having a business card is a must if you want to do serious business with any company. The upside to using a business card is that it is easy to use and store in a wallet or Business Card Registry, giving all the essential details the client needs to know. Everything from your phone number to your email address to your website and logo will be displayed. When they look at it they will know exactly how they want to get a hold of you and affirms your business identity.

Complete Design

If you want every part of your business covered including the Logo Design, Letterhead Design and Business Card Design we offer a great bundle where we cover all these aspects.

Pro Design (Flyers & Adverts)

If you want to further market your business we also design Flyers and Adverts. We will work with you to create a flyer that will attract the attention of anyone who sees it. A simple glance will reveal what services or products you offer as well as how to contact you or where to find you. If you don’t advertise, no one will know about you!


  1. Logo/Simple Design – R70
  2. Logo and Letterhead – R210
  3. Business Card + Logo – R210
  4. 50 Single-Sided – R70
  5. 100 Single-Sided – R120 (Do you have double-sided options?)
  6. Complete Design – R410
  7. Pro Design (Flyers & Adverts) – R510
  8. Software Updates – R300 (Windows)