8 To Late Internet Cafe and Printing

8 To Late is an internet cafe and general printing company.


8 to Late is an internet cafe and general printing company in Polokwane.

Do you need to update those countless numbers of apps that haunt you with the “25 Updates Available” message every time you turn on your phone screen? We offer Wifi access at a fixed, cheap price so you can get your phone back up to date.

Need to send those albums and albums of vacation photos to 20 relatives? Come park your laptop at 8ToLate. If you don’t have one, bring all the media you want to send on a memory stick, CD or DVD stick and we will help Grandma get the pictures of the grandchildren she loves so much! If your data package just isn’t cutting it, pay a visit and let us help you get connected again. You can watch, share, post, download and surf all you want on our super-fast 20Mb/s internet line.

Wifi Pricing

  1. R15 – 45 Minutes
  2. R20 – 60 Minutes
  3. R40 – 120 Minutes
We offer Free Wifi on the following dates and times:

Friday (18h00 – 19h00)
Saturday (17h00 – 18h00)