8 To Late Internet Cafe and Printing

8 To Late is an internet cafe and general printing company.

Internet Cafe

8 to Late is an internet cafe and general printing company in Polokwane.

At 8 To Late we strive to give you a comfortable and easy platform to access the Internet. Watch your favorite YouTube videos, tweet your 12 am thoughts, get some information from Wikipedia for that project that’s due in a week, or check your email. We provide a desktop computer with a mouse and keyboard with the latest update of Windows 7 to ensure a stable operating system. On-site staff will support you with any questions or problems.

You can buy an internet ticket from one of our friendly staff members and surf the web at your leisure. Don’t have 15 minutes? Don’t worry, Internet Tickets are valid for 1 month from Purchase Date. That means you have one month to use up all those minutes you bought.

Need to create a Project in Word format or a PowerPoint Presentation for your business meeting in an hour? We have the complete Microsoft Office package loaded on our machines. Don’t know how to use any of the programs? Our staff does. They will not hesitate to help you create something that will shine in the office, be it your Business Office or the Principals Office.

Some of the useful Microsoft Office tools include:

Microsoft Word

Word is mostly used to create anything from a school project to a business proposal. You can import images, change text formatting, create tables and so much more to make your project stand out from the rest.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Powerpoint is the tool to have when you need to set up any sort of Presentation. Features include creating slideshows, adding video, imagery and text and using different transition styles to cater to any audience member.

Microsoft Excel

Use Excel to set up spreadsheets for your business. This software was developed by professionals for professionals.

Internet Pricing

  1. R5 – 15 Minutes
  2. R10 – 30 Minutes
  3. R15 – 45 Minutes
  4. R20 – 60 Minutes

Internet Tickets are valid for 1 month from Purchase Date

Software Updates

If you want to update your windows, look no further than 8ToLate. Bring your computer with you and we will handle it from there.
Windows updates – R350 Bring your PC or Laptop after a fresh install and we will run all your windows updates. Labour and data included!